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It all starts with access to information.

Freebies for Chicas is a movement to empower wo(men) to share and learn little hacks and tips on how to get access to opportunities that would typically only seem accessible to the selected-ones.


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Curated by myself, my friends, my colleagues & network Forbes: Diversity Leads to better profits The Pros & Cons of Startup Factories (in Dutch)Investing & Gender Inclusion – What Can Investors Do? You can find the recording of the event here.…

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This is where I share some Answers on Frequently Asked Questions I get from my community. ♪ ⌒o⌒人⌒-⌒ ♪ MEDIA related Q: Do you know any online tech media platforms, that would potentially be interested in our startup…

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Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.

Albert Einstein

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