Happy International Women’s Day ✰ The Gap Is Still There…

(Reposted from Techleap.nl & @fundright)

According to several studies, diverse startups are more capital-efficient, achieve higher returns on investment and bring in higher revenue. Besides that, they are vital to the inclusive development of technology. Still, women-led startups are consistently underfunded and overlooked.

 We need to diversify the Dutch startup ecosystem. We need to support women in tech.

Did you know 87% of VC firms in the Netherlands have zero women investors? Shocking, isn’t it?

If you are a venture capitalist / investor go to www.fundright.nl/funders to find out how you can take a stand for diversity in tech.

If you are a female founder, go to FundRight.nl/founders and join their directory so they can help VC’s diversify their portfolio.

Want to read more? www.fundright.nl 

Illustrations by: Shaima Moon

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