Crowdsourced List of Jobs: #HIRING

(2022 EDITION)

*Check bottom up for latest jobs. Click on the link to directly connect to the person responsible (some links only open if you’re logged into LinkedIn). In contrast with other job boards, this listing aims to uncover most recent opportunities posted directly in people’s feeds on LinkedIn from my own network of 20,000+ connections. 

Dear Community,

I started this initiative back in 2020 during the most intense covid-19 period to help my broader ecosystem of international startups, scale-ups, corporates & talented professionals to connect and find new opportunities during the uncertainty. While it seems that now there are even more vacancies than the talent looking, I’ve been asked to bring this back for the 2022 edition.  

Not a week goes by that I don’t get a request to help someone find a new job, or spread the word around their vacancies. And as much as I’d love to help, I am not a professional recruiter, and I feel like there have been so many lost opportunities. 

I get a bit overwhelmed as well ☺

As a (self-declared) #connector, this is purely a way to give back to my network, and help both the talent and employers get access to the right opportunities. If the right people meet and create new great things, this can only be a win-win! 

Over 85% of jobs are filled by referrals, while 95% of professionals believe in-person networking is essential to success.

Unfortunately, research has shown that especially women are 28% less likely to have a strong professional network, which can make it harder to achieve the professional growth they deserve.*

Get in touch if hiring/looking for a new job to add you to the list below. I will try to update this on an ongoing basis, but please also refer to a free Dutch Startup/Scaleup Jobs portal on (updated in real-time)

  • Several Advisory Board positions at Scale-ups I’m working with – get in touch for intros

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