This is where I share some Answers on Frequently Asked Questions I get from my community.

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MEDIA related

Q: Do you know any online tech media platforms, that would potentially be interested in our startup story? // Which tech publications to read/follow?

A: Some of the media I used to work with (during my career in advertising/PR/international communications)

Q: Would love to hear what newsletters you are subscribed to and you like!?

A:  Some of the following


FUNDING & TEAM related

Q: Where can I get advice on the funding of my business?

A: Perhaps you can refer to the following resources:

Q: I would like to start a business, but not sure how to find a co-founder?

A: You can check out these resources

ဗီူဗီူ ဗီူဗီူ


Q: I am looking for an experienced business coach/mentor? I am going through specific growth challenges & need someone to help me think through my decisions!

A: Perhaps you can think about the following:


WOMEN leadership

Q: How can i connect to other women leaders?

A: Explore here

(_ _)ヾ(‘ロ‘)

JOB related

Q: Where can I find a job at startups / how can I post my vacancy?

A: Have a look here

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